1/25/2024 Robins @ Brainerd

Posted by Robins Adapted Athletics (P.I. Team) on Jan 26 2024 at 08:47AM PST in Floor Hockey 2023-2024

The Robins put up a mighty fight against a competitive Brainerd team last night. Our first goal came early in the first period from Jose Leon Estrada and an assist by Nick Johnson. This was quickly followed up by a Brainerd goal making it 1-1. Later in the first period, the Robins were back on top after another goal by Jose Leon Estrada and an assist by Jayda Johnson, to bring the Robins to a 2-1 lead after period 1. The second period started with a Brainerd goal right away. Keeping the game in reach, Micah Bomgardner scored a goal assisted by Jayda Johnson and Abbi Lashuay. Brainerd followed with two more goals. The Robins pushed back with two more goals, both scored by Jose Leon Estrada and assisted by Jayda Johnson. This brought the Robins to 5-4 lead after two periods. The Robins played HARD the first two periods and left it all on the court. Brainerd scored 9 unanswered goals in the third period and brought the score to a 13-5 win for Brainerd. The defense put forth a great effort throughout the game. Sean Majeski made several glove saves. JoVonna Shepherd showed a lot more confidence in her chair role, making more blocks than in previous games. This game was a TEAM effort and the Robins have a lot to be proud of from it.