02/14/2022 Robins vs. Brainerd

Posted by Robins Adapted Athletics (P.I. Team) on Feb 15 2022 at 05:35AM PST in Hockey 2022

The undefeated Brainerd Warriors came to Armstrong High School for their second matchup of the season with the Robins, riding a 60 game winning streak. While the Robins were overwhelmed and defeated 11-1 in the season opener in Brainerd back in January, they were much more prepared this time around and gave the Warriors a good battle. Brainerd opened the scoring just two minutes into the game, but the Robins struck back quickly with a goal from Marcus Brady. The Robins kept things close for much of the first period with their solid defense and aggressiveness in the offensive zone. Ultimately, the Warriors took advantage of a couple Robins’ mistakes and led 4-1 after the first period. The Robins were not discouraged by the Warrior’s lead and continued to play extremely well for the duration of the game before ultimatley falling to the Warriors by a score of 7-1. Goalkeeper Edgar Kinanga made 31 saves and defenseman Darius Larson blocked 19 shots. Jayda Johnson also turned in an exceptional effort in a defensive role in front of the Robins net and did a great job of knocking down shots by the Warriors and clearing the defensive zone. The Robins close out the regular season next week with a game at Maple Grove.