03/15/2019 - State Tournament Quarterfinals

Posted by Robins Adapted Athletics (P.I. Team) on Mar 15 2019 at 07:52PM PDT in 2019 Hockey

The Robins opened the 2019 adapted floor hockey state tournament with a nice 10-5 win over the St. Paul Humboldt Hawks. Sam Roles and Vincent Luu did most of the heavy lifting with 5 goals and 2 assists each, however the rest of the Robins did their part to carry the team to victory. Everyone put in a solid effort on both ends of the floor and showed they are determined to make the most of this weekend. Izear Joiner, Maddie Ausk, Nick Johnson and Lucas Harper all finished the game with 1 assist each. The Robins will face the #1 seeded Rochester Raiders in the semifinals at 10:30 on Saturday. #Robination